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Personal Injury

Personal injury can be financially devastating as a result of immense medical bills, the loss of income, and the potential for permanent injury. In order to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible for your injury, you must retain an experienced law firm that will aggressively handle your case and ensure you get the maximum possible compensation you deserve.


Even if you are not seriously injured, an auto accident can be a traumatic event. If you have been injured in an automobile accident it is import to remember the insurance companies are not on your side. In order attain the maximum compensation you deserve you must retain a law firm that is not only experienced with handling insurance companies and their attorneys, but a firm that will also aggressively handle your case.

Workers’ Comp

Getting hurt at work can devastate you and your family’s financial situation, and the Illinois workers' compensation laws can seem like a maze covered with red tape at every turn. In order to obtain the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your injury, you must obtain an aggressive skilled firm that is familiar with the system and the employer’s tactics, doctors, and attorneys.

Family Law

Family Law is emotionally challenging, and legal battles can cost you time, money, and even further emotional distress. You need a law firm that not only fights aggressively for you but also understands this is an emotional and trying time in your life.

Divorce & Child Custody

Individuals facing a potential divorce have to consider more than just assets, income, and support. If you had children during your marriage, issues involving your children can easily become contentious and develop into a battle between you and your spouse. In order to obtain what you deserve from your marriage regarding child custody, visitation, and support, you need a law firm willing to do whatever it takes to obtain the best results possible for you and your family.

Employment Law & Civil Rights

When you have been wrongfully terminated, retaliated against, subjected to workplace harassment or discrimination, or otherwise had your Constitutional rights violated, it can feel like no one is on your side. As a result, it is important to get a law firm that will always be by your side.

Criminal Law & DUI

Being charged with a crime, or a DUI, is not only a serious and scary event, but it is also something that can ultimately cost you your freedom. Therefore, it is important to retain a law firm that you can depend on to aggressively defend your rights.

Business Law, Property, & Real Estate

We handle all types of business and real estate legal matters. Whether it is a small business issue or a larger corporate and commercial matter, our Law Firm always strives to provide its clients with professional top-notch legal representation.

Our attorneys and support staff serve clients in a manner that emphasizes the client's needs with attention to detail and direct communication.

Recent Results

At Tetzlaff, Cervantez & Associates we are committed to success. We have obtained a great portfolio over the years. Some of our recent results include:

Personal Injury

Recently recovered a settlement of $225,000.00 after a client was injured in a vehicle collision.

Family Law

Recently obtained judgment awarding custody of two (2) minor children to their Father.Recently obtained judgment allowing Mother to move from Illinois to the State of Washington with her minor child over Father’s objection.

Juvenile Matters

Recently obtained a judgment overturning an “indicated finding” of alleged abuse. Recently received a Judicial Appointment to represent a Mother attempting to maintain her parental rights in the Appellate and Supreme Courts.

Criminal Law

Recently received a judgment suppressing all evidence of the police officers alleged criminal charges which resulted in a finding of Not Guilty.

Why Tetzlaff, Cervantez & Associates?

Committed to Success

We work hard to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the representation our firm provides.

Proven Results

Our track record illustrates the commitment provided in representing our clients.

Excellent Work Ethic

The attorneys and support staff in our office are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients, while focusing on the details.